« And suddenly from
the real object springs forth
the virtual object which
itself becomes reality…»

Paul Eluard

The objects presented in this study are industrial and standard objects, common unremarkable objects, resulting from practical research and designed for service use, functional objects exclusively that present no particular interest, intended to be used and not looked at.

It is this unique utilitarian function which in fact gives them their rigorous and acute precision. Having observed these objects, the aim is to try and find for them a different living space from their habitual one and to combine the conditions that will enable them to develop their own potential. Thus the eye, used to gaze at the objects without even seeing them, will suddenly be attracted by their strength and dynamism.

The object is perfectly clear, recognizable, and yet created anew, injected with new life. The object is self sufficient, referring back exclusively to itself.
It is in a sense like the emergence of a world in which we live every day yet, but which has not up to now been allowed outside of its own functional sphere.

Furthermore, with the development of research and services, bringing synergy and innovation within the companies, new representations must be created, opening a brand new sphere of investigation.